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Platinum Training Partner - Application for Marketing Funds

As part of your platinum training partner, you have the opportunity to apply for marketing funds to help promote your Novell business through an activity, promotion or campaign. Novell will contribute up to but not exceeding 75 percent of the funding needed for the campaign, you are required to contribute the additional 25 percent. To apply for these funds, please fill out the form below completely and submit it for review. You will be notified if your request has been approved.

Note: Items marked with an * are required.

Company name:

Key partner contact: (this must be the person responsible for this proposal)

Key partner contact email:

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Campaign name:

Campaign description and details:

Focus area:

Time lines:

Target audience:




Investment required from Novell (please state amount in Euros or US$):

Investment required from partner (please state amount in Euros or US$):

Please state the percent split between Novell and you.



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