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Customized Technical Skills Assessment

We understand that to stay competitive, you need to focus on running your business—not your network. The challenge is, the network is as complex as it is powerful. How well your network runs—and how quickly and painlessly you implement new technologies— depends entirely on the capabilities of your technical staff. We can help you accurately identify your IT department's current skill level and help ensure that your technical capabilities keep pace with your company's aggressive business goals.

Technical Skills Assessment (pdf document) consists of a thorough analysis of your technical staff's skill levels, as it relates to achieving your overall business goals. Understanding how prepared your staff is to make your ideal solution a reality will enable you to make better decisions regarding your current and future business objectives. A detailed training plan can then be created to empower your technical staff with the skills and knowledge needed to expertly manage your infrastructure.

What it offers

  • Provides a thorough snapshot of your organization's current technical skills. Understanding current skills helps you assess your technical staff's capabilities to support your immediate and future infrastructure needs. As your network evolves, this becomes the basis for any training plans that might be implemented.
  • Increases your ability to conduct business more effectively and efficiently, while maximizing your product return on investment. Based on your business goals, the Technical Skills Assessment allows a training consultant to assess how well your technical solutions and personnel are supporting your business processes and, as needed, make training recommendations that will maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Identifies areas for improvement and helps you create a comprehensive training plan for your technical staff. After you complete the Technical Skills Assessment, training consultants can help you map out a training plan that will help ensure that your technical staff has all the skills they need to run your network.

How it works

The Technical Skills Assessment consists of an onsite and an online assessment— available either separately or combined. Both of our worldwide product assessments are conducted by our technical and/or training experts. Together these assessments provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your organization's technical strengths and weaknesses.

The online assessment:
  • Phone interview with technical staff
  • Individual staff technical assessments
  • Report of assessment results
  • Training Consultant recommendations
The onsite assessment:
  • Interviews with technical management
  • Interviews with individual staff members
  • Analysis of your environment—specifically any of our solutions and products you are using
  • Detailed report of current capabilities
  • Training Consultant recommendations

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