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Training Partner Success Stories

What is a Success Story?

A success story highlights how a customer is using our solutions/training with dramatic success. The story demonstrates how the customer has solved specific business challenges and includes measurable results, such as cost savings and benchmark improvements.

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Partner Information

*Training Partner: 
*Training Partner Contact: 
*Training Contact Email: 
*Customer Permission to Publish Story: 

Customer Information

*Customer Name: 
*Customer Description: 
Include a couple of sentences describing the company. This is often the company's boilerplate.
List the company's headquarters (e.g., city and country).
Business Challenges: 
Describe the unique business and IT challenges for the customer. What were the limitations of their previous training solutions? What were their top training goals?
Outline training solution and where appropriate list specific products in order of solution group:
  • Data Center (SUSE)
  • Security and Identity (Identity Manager, Micro Focus eDirectory, etc.)
  • Resource Management (ZENworks)
  • Workgroup Services (Open Enterprise Server, GroupWise)
  • Desktop (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop)
What alternatives did the customer consider and why did they choose Training?
*Why Your Company: 
Why were you as an Authorized Training Partner chosen to deliver the solution?
*Training Usage: 

How is the company using our Training?



*Results : 

3-4 measurable results. Be specific, focusing on business benefits and return on investment (ROI).

  • How did our Training save the customer money or increase profits?
  • Reduced development or implementation time by xx percent?
  • Reduced travel time or costs by xx percent?
  • Reduced support costs by xx percent?
Additional Information: 

What competitive products or training were replaced or considered prior to implementing our solution? Please add additional comments here.


Please include two concise quotes that could be used as standalone statements.

  1. Quote: Name of Person: Job title:
  2. Quote: Name of Person: Job title:

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