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The Certified Linux Professional 11 certification validates the skills necessary for performing administrative tasks on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 11 platforms. Some of the skills you will be evaluated on include:

  • Installing and configuring SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 systems
  • Maintaining the file system
  • Managing software
  • Managing processes
  • Managing printing
  • Configuring fundamental network services
  • Configuring Samba
  • Configuring a Web Server
  • Configuring and using IPv6
  • Creating bash shell scripts

These skills and others are taught in courses 3101, 3102, and 3103. These three courses will help you prepare to take the Certified Linux Professional practicum exam.

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Note: SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certificate required to receive SUSE Certified Linux Professional (CLP) certificate. When you pass the CLP exam, you will not receive the CLP certificate unless or until you have passed the CLA exam.

Learning Paths

Novell Certified Linux Professionalsm Learning Paths

There are two learning paths for the Novell CLP certification:

Novell Certified Linux Professional 11

CLP 11 Learning Path
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Novell Certified Linux Professional 10

CLP 10 Learning Path
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Study Options

Novell Certified Linux Professional Study Options

As with all Novell certifications, course work is never required. One need only pass a Novell Practicum in order to achieve the certification. The Novell Practicum is a scenario based exam where students apply the knowledge they have learned to solve real-life problems.

Novell CLP 11 courses include:


Novell CLP 10 courses include:




Test Objectives

Novell Certified Linux Professional Test Objectives



Test Registration

Novell Certified Linux Professional Test Registration

The costs for the tests differ depending on the area of the world you live. For example, Standard Tests in the US cost $125 and the Practicum costs $195.

From time to time, Novell Training Services may require you to take an exam to keep current on the latest solutions and technologies. These exams are considered a Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR), which keep your skills up-to-date and keep your certification valuable in the marketplace.

Each candidate must submit the Novell Training Services Certification Agreement before certification can be awarded. Take advantage of submitting the agreement when you test. Or the agreement can be viewed and downloaded and the signature form returned to Novell.

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