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Program Year 2010 CNI Continuing Certification Requirements

Technical Training is pleased to announce the 2010 CNI Program Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR).

The following chart shows the CCRs for existing CNIs in Program Year 2010 (1st November 2009-31st October 2010).

Updated 3rd August 2009

Existing CNIs Continuing Certification Requirements for Program year 2010

Metrics that Matter (MTM) (Annual Requirement - must complete between November 1, 2009 and October 31, 2010)*For CNIs with less than 3 years program membership.
CNIs with 3 or more years program membership do not require to submit annual MTM evaluations to remain active. CNIs who have been expired/reinstated in the last 3 years require to continue to submit MTM evals each year. MTM is still required for each teach and will be measured for quality purposes in Program year 2010.
Technical RequirementsTo remain active in the 2010 CNI program, all CNIs require to meet the revised Technical Requirements of the program
PlateSpin instructors who were migrated to the CNI program require to complete the Technical Requirements by 1st November 2009.
CNIs who hold CNE6/OES or CLP 9 have until 30th April 2010 to meet the revised Technical Requirements.

Summary of Technical Requirements for CNI Program Year 2010

The accepted Technical Certifications for CNI program membership in Program Year 2010 will be any one of: Certified Engineer - ES, Certified Linux Professional 10 or 11, Certified Workload Management Administrator,Certified ZENworks Administrator, PartnerNet Specialization in IDM 3.5 (050-713).
Any questions relating to your CNI status in the 2010 program should be sent to

Note:CNIs may teach at Academic partners. MTM feedback is still required for these teaches.

* CNIs must be authorized for any class they teach prior to the event taking place. This is true even if Authorized Training materials are used as part of a customized course delivery. See the authorization requirements page for details on what the requirements are for all current courses. If all courses taught by a CNI are taught without meeting the authorization requirements, they will not receive credit for the event.


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