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LPI: Certified Linux Administrator

Be sure to check your e-mail for important registration information including your certification identification number. And check out SUSE Linux Enterprise, the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing—both physical and virtual—from the desktop to the data center.


SUSE® Linux Enterprise gives you the lowest-cost, most manageable solution for mixed Linux and Windows computing. By working seamlessly with your existing technologies, SUSE Linux Enterprise turns boundaries into bridges to make your IT work as one.

Mission-Critical Computing

SUSE Linux Enterprise strengthens your infrastructure with powerful yet cost-effective enterprise capabilities that make it easy to migrate from UNIX. Choose SUSE Linux Enterprise for mission-critical solutions that keep your infrastructure reliable and resilient.

Linux Ubiquity

What can you power with SUSE Linux Enterprise? Desktops and servers. Physical and virtual machines. Traditional systems and appliances. Linux ubiquity is here and it's ready to make your infrastructure more agile, manageable and cost-effective than ever.

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