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Designed for Novell's Academic Training Partners (NATP), the NAI certification allows you to teach certified courses at authorized NATP locations. As a certified instructor, you will have access to information on Novell's latest products, valuable classroom material, and resources that will assist you with your courses.

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To ensure that Novell official curriculum is taught by the best technical trainers in the industry, Novell Training Services has set the following requirements for participating as a Novell Academic Instructor (NAI). For any inquiries regarding the NAI program, please contact Novell Training Services.

In order to become an NAI, please complete the following steps in order:

  • Program Authorization: Meet the Program Technical Requirements. Currently we accept CLP 10, CLP 11, NCE-ES, CWMA, CNZA and CNIMA certifications. CWMA, CNZA and CNIMA have instructor specific passing scores
    Note: for each course the Course Authorization requirement must be met to fill the remaining requirements.
  • Academic Employment: Be employed by or contract with a Novell Academic Training Partner. Once you have verified your school's partner status, e-mail your Silver PartnerNet number to
  • NAI Application: To access the NAI application, please login to the Certification Database via Novell Login. Then on left navigator select Tools; complete agreement/application; submit NAI application.
  • Novell Training Services Certification Agreement: If you missed signing the agreement when you took your certification exam, you may sign it online.

Please note that NAIs are only authorized to train at Novell authorized academic institutions.


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