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New Certification Announcement

What's New

We are introducing the Certified Administrator Enterprise Services (NCA ES). We have incorporated your feedback and have made improvements to meet the needs of the market. NCA ES will include Courses 2000 and 3088. You will not only have access to information on the basics of our story, solutions and services, and you will also learn administration skills such as file and print, user management and network infrastructure.

The NCA ES certification is designed for network administrators and other network management professionals who have little or no experience with our products and services. It provides a high-level view of those products and services. The NCA ES particularly focuses on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and Open Enterprise Server for Linux. To meet the requirements of enterprise-class infrastructure deployments, this certification brings together SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with a suite of tightly integrated, proven networking services in Open Enterprise Server. The NCA ES now offers greater value as a certification because it can prove to an employer that the candidate has a useful working knowledge of common administrative tasks for Open Enterprise Server 2 and an understanding of the value proposition of not just Open Enterprise Server 2 but all of our products. You will also learn about the integration we can offer—from Linux desktops to servers—including systems management solutions, and will gain a good foundation in our security and identity offerings.

The NCA is the first step for candidates moving on to our new engineer-level skills certification, Certified Engineer Enterprise Services (NCE ES).

By achieving the NCA ES, you will be able to:

  • Advance your career
  • Learn from quality courses
  • Prove a valuable skill set
  • Take advantage of relevant, up-to-date technical information
  • Perform the day-to-day administration of Open Enterprise Server 2
  • Provide direct administrative support

In Process NCA's

If you purchased Course 2000 and want to certify for your NCA without taking Course 3088, you must complete test 050-706 by 31 August 2008. On 1 September 2008, the NCA Enterprise Services test 050-719 will include questions from Course 3088.

Current NCA's

We recognize the benefit of including administrative skills in the NCA certification, and we know that you may have questions about the new learning path and how it will affect your plans to become a Certified Engineer, among others. If you are a current customer, meaning you have already purchased or completed the current NCA, the following information will help you find answers to your questions.

  • You will retain your NCA status and the change will not affect your path to becoming a Certified Engineer Enterprise Services (NCE). It is not necessary for you to earn NCA ES; however, as you move forward to NCE ES certification be advised you will need to know and understand Course 3088.

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