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Upgrading to Certified Linux Professional 10 [Course 3070]

I am currently a Novell Certified Linux Professional, how can I upgrade my skills to be prepared to take the Practicum Exam to become Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 ?

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide information on the differences between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server version 9 and version 10 related especially to the topics covered in the Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP) curriculum.

Students will learn about the new features as well as the changes in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 compared to their existing knowledge as a Novell Certified Linux Professional.

The course is available as a learning module through the Internet, which takes approximately 4 hours to complete. In order to gain sufficient experience to take the new Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 (CLP 10) Practicum Exam, Novell highly recommends that you register with one of the Novell Authorised Training Partners globally for an Upgrade Workshop. Based on this course the content is enriched with hands-on live-fire exercises in a classroom environment and the option to take the new Practicum Exam at the end of the class.


Training Level: 3 - Advanced

Duration: 2 Days

Key Objectives

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, students will learn how to install, configure, and maintain a virtual machine environment using XEN technology. In addition to your existing skills as Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP), you will gain knowledge on the changes made in version 10 of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server relevant to your certification level and be prepared to take the new Practicum Exam for Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 (CLP 10).

Audience Summary

This course is designed for Novell Certified Linux Professionals or those with equivalent knowledge. This course content combined with the Upgrade Workshops offered through Novell's Training Partners globally is the ideal preparation in order to take the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 (CLP 10) Practicum Exam.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees must be a Novell Certified Linux Professional or have equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

Based on SUSE LInux Enterprise Server 10 this course covers how to:
  • Install and Configure XEN

  • Understand changes compared to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

  • Understand the GNOME environment

Course Testing Information

This course prepares students to take the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 Practicum Exam (050- 697)

This course along with the skills you have as a current Novell Certifed Linux Professional 9 prepares you to take the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 (Novell CLP 10) Practicum Exam (050-697).

For Novell CLP 10 exam objectives and registration, see Novell Certified Linux Professional 10.

NOTE: These course materials are available for free (see Complimentary Training from Novell).

Course Description

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