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Novell CLE 10 Practium [Exam 050-698]

Want to prove that you know SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10?

Course Overview


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The Novell CLE 10 Practicum Exam is a hands-on, online exam that tests the skills related to the Novell CLP 10 and CLE 10 curriculum (courses 3071, 3072, 3073, 3074 and 3075). Taking and passing the Novell CLE 10 Practicum Exam idenifies professionals who can perform advanced tasks associated with managing and implementing services on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 in an enterprise network.

Training Level: 3 - Advanced

Duration: 2 Hours

Key Objectives

You will need to be familiar with the knowledge and tasks contained in the following courses:
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10: Networking Services (Course 3074)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10: Security (Course 3075)

Audience Summary

Those wishing to demonstrate their advanced knowledge of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 for Linux management jobs.

Course Prerequisites

In order to take the Novell CLE 10 Practicum, you must first be a Novell CLP 10.

Course Outline

To pass the Novell CLE 10 Practicum Exam, you need to know the following (in addition to the knowledge from the Novell CLP 10 curriculum):

  • Configure a DNS Server using BIND
  • Use DHCP to Manage Networks
  • Manage OpenLDAP
  • Configure a Mail Server
  • Use OpenSLP
  • Monitor Network Traffic
  • General Security Considerations and Definition of Terms
  • Host Secuirty
  • AppArmor
  • Cryptography: Basics and Practical Application
  • Network Security
  • General Firewall Design
  • Packet Filters
  • Applicatoin-Level Gateways
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Intrusion Detection and Incident Response

Course Testing Information

The exam number is 050-698.

Course Description