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Fundamentals of Imaging in Novell ZENworks Configuration Management [Course 8610]

Course Overview

This Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Imaging Fundamentals course explains the imaging capabilities of Novell's ZENworks Configuration Management product. You will learn terminology, how to configure and use ZCM Imaging, and basic troubleshooting.

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Duration: 1 Days

Key Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should know how to:

  • Use ZCM imaging terminology
  • Image a new workstation
  • Use the Image Explorer utility
  • Image a classroom or lab environment using a Multicast Image Set Bundle
  • Initiate manual imaging operations
  • Troubleshoot imaging services

Audience Summary

This course is designed to meet the needs of the following type of audience: Network Administrators, Desktop Support Personnel, and Help Desk Support Personnel -

  • who are new to the ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) product
  • have the ZCM product in-house but need to understand how ZCM imaging can help deploy new workstations and repair non-functioning workstations
  • who need to understand how to do basic configuration of the imaging function and see imaging operations in action.

Course Prerequisites

For students to be successful in this class they must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems
  • Have managed or supported Windows Desktops in a networked environment
  • Have prior experience with some imaging product, be it ZDM imaging, Ghost imaging, etc.
  • Having a familiarity with the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) is preferred but not required.

Course Outline

SECTION 1 – Understanding the ZCM Imaging Environment

  • Objective 1: Understanding the Reasons to Use ZCM Imaging
  • Objective 2: Understanding the ZCM Server-based Services
  • Objective 3: Determining if the ZCM Services are Running


SECTION 2 – Introduction to the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC)

  • Objective 1: Understanding the Structure of the ZCC
  • Objective 2: Introduction to Imaging Bundles
  • Objective 3: Configuring Imaging-related Zone Settings

SECTION 3 – Creating and Using Multicast Imaging Bundles

  • Objective 1: Understanding Hardware Rules - in depth
  • Objective 2: Creating Multicast Image Set Bundles


SECTION 4 – Performing Manual Imaging Operations

  • Objective 1: Understanding the Use Cases for doing Manual Imaging
  • Objective 2: Understanding how Images are Stored
  • Objective 3: Taking a Manual Image of a Machine
  • Objective 4: Manually Restoring an Image to a Machine
  • Objective 5: Doing Manual Multicast Operations


SECTION 5 – Performing Basic Troubleshooting of ZCM Imaging

  • Objective 1: Understanding Basic Imaging Troubleshooting Steps

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