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Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Imaging Environment Troubleshooting (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9407]

Course Overview

This Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Imagine Environment Troubleshooting course focuses on the various processes that provide the imaging function of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. It also teaches you how to troubleshoot those processes. You will learn how to generate and read imaging log files, and discuss the known issue concerning ZCM's imaging feature.

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 6 Hours

Key Objectives

During this course, you will:

  • Understand imaging-related daemons and services
  • Understand the Preboot process and its impact on DHCP configuration
  • Understand the configuration files of the Imaging related services
  • Understand the ZENworks Work-to-do processĀ 
  • Understand the ZENworks Multicast process and use the novell-zmgmcast command line utility
  • Generate and read imaging logs including: client side logs, ZENWORKTODO, and pbserv logging imaging support related issues

Audience Summary

This class is designed to meet the needs of the following types of students -
  • Network Administrators responsible for providing second level ZCM support in their organizations
  • Help Desk Personnel responsible for assign imaging tasks to user's workstations.
  • Any IT Staff involved in the process of creating standard images that need to be deployed to user's workstations.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of workstation imaging concepts.

Specifically you should have the following experience or equivalent training;
  • Have a solid understanding of ZCM architecture and concepts
  • Experience using the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC)
  • Attended the "Fundamentals of Imaging in ZENworks Configuration Management" course or have the equivalent hands-on experience.

Course Outline

This class is designed to provide the student with an in-depth knowledge of the ZCM Imaging Components, their purpose and how those component inter-relate, and the logs generated by those components. In-depth discussions of the major imaging processes are presented.


SECTION 1: Describe Imaging Phases


SECTION 2: Describe Imaging Components and Logs

Objective 1: Proxy DHCP (PDHCP) Service

Objective 2: Proxy DHCP Service Log

Objective 3: Preboot Service

Objective 4: Preboot Service Log

Objective 5: Preboot Policy Service

Objective 6: Preboot Lookup Web Service

Objective 7: Preboot Lookup Web Service Log

Objective 8: Trvial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Service

Objective 9: TFTP Service Log

Objective 10: Imaging Engine Logs


SECTION 3: Describe PXE Boot Process

Objective 1: Overview

Objective 2: DHCP & PDHCP on Different Boxes

Objective 3: DHCP & PDHCP on Same Box

Objective 4: Multicasting Session Data


SECTION 4: Describe Novell Preboot Services Phase


SECTION 5: Describe Automatic Work-to-Do Process


SECTION 6: Describe Mulitcast Imaging Process


SECTION 7: Troubleshoot Common Imaging Issues

Objective 1: PXE Boot Phase

Objective 2: Preboot Services Phase

Objective 3: Multicast Imaging Process

Objective 4: Work-to-Do or Imaging Process

Objective 5: Hardware Issues


SECTION 8: Add Tuxera NTFS Driver to ACM Imaging Distro


Exercise 1: Troubleshoot PXE Boot Problems

Exercise 2: Troubleshoot the Preboot Services Phase

Exercise 3: Troubleshooting Problems with Multi-Homed Servers

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