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SUSE Linux Enterprise 10: Troubleshooting Techniques (Novell Technical Training) [Course 8403]

Course Overview

In this course, you learn a troubleshooting method to analyze, diagnose, and document issues on a SUSE Linux system. You also are given a number of tools needed to perform these functions. The course focuses on giving you hands-on experience running break-fix scripts.

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

This course will teach students about Types of Faults, Problem Solving, Troubleshooting tools. System Boot, Startup and Shutdown, Kernel Configuration, and Panic Dump.

Audience Summary

This audience for the are administrators with some basic Linux skills and experience, that want to learn better trouble shooting techniques.

Course Prerequisites

This course requires basic command line real world experience in administering a Linus server.

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:

Section 1: Introduction to the Troubleshooting method
  • Objective 01: Types of Faults
  • Objective 02: Problem Analysis
  • Objective 03: Problem Diagnosis

Section 2: Troubleshooting tools
  • Objective 01: File contents tools
  • Objective 02: FilesSystem tools
  • Objective 03: Network tools

Section 3: System Boot, Startup and Shutdown
  • Objective 01: Manage System Initialization
  • Objective 02: GRUB
  • Objective 03: Manage Run Level

Section 4: Kernel Configuration
  • Objective 01: How Device Drivers are Loaded
  • Objective 02: Loading Kernel Modules Manually
  • Objective 03: The sysfs

Section 5: Panic Dump
  • Objective 01: What is a Panic
  • Objective 02: Panic Data collection

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