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Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1: Business Continuity Clustering with Novell Cluster Services (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9505]

Course Overview

Novell's Business Continuity Clustering solution protects your key business systems against downtime and disaster. Built on Novell Cluster Services (NCS) and Novell Open Enterprise Server, Business Continuity Clustering automates the configuration and management of a high-availability clustered-server solution. In this course, we will cover Business Continuity Clustering as it is designed to provide site-to-site failover of critical workgroup and networking services. We will discuss how services running on Open Enterprise Server, either NetWare- or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-kernels within a cluster, can easily fail over to another cluster in a completely different geographic location. This eliminates downtime, ensures critical services are available, mitigates compliance risk and minimizes the possibility of human error.

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

  • Explain business continuity.
  • Identify the differences between disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Design for business continuity.
  • Install and configure Novell Cluster Services.
  • Explain the benefits of virtual IP.

Audience Summary

This course is designed for administrators and consultants charged with providing a high level of disaster recovery service to the enterprise.

Course Prerequisites

You should be an Administrator with a strong understanding of Novell Cluster Services.

Course Outline

1. Why Business Continuity?

2. Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

3. Designing for Business Continuity

4. Ensuring uninterrupted service access

5. Virtual IP

6. The future

7. Additional information

Exercise 2-1 Configuring an iSCSI target on the DA-Install SLES10SP2 server

Exercise 2-2 Configure the iSCSI initiators on the cluster servers

Exercise 2-3 Install and Configure Novell Cluster Services

Exercise 2-4 Business Continuity Clustering

Course Description