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First Look: NetIQ SecureLogin 7.0 [Course 8314]

Course Overview

NetIQ SecureLogin (NSL) eliminates the user frustration and Help Desk support calls associated with an organization supporting many applications, each having its own authentication dialog. This First Look recording uses lecture and demonstration to give you a full overview of NSL - what it is, what it does, its components, and how to implement and administer it.

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Training Level: 0 - All

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

During this course, you learn the following:

  • Understand what NetIQ SecureLogin is and how it can simplify access to corporate applications requiring authentication
  • Understand the components that comprise NSL and other software offerings from NetIQ that complement NSL
  • Implement NSL for Windows and Web-based applications that require authentication
  • Administer NSL using various management consoles and utilities
  • Demonstration of the power and versatility of the SecureLogin Wizard

Audience Summary

This course is designed for anyone seeking information on SecureLogin 7.0.

Course Outline

SECTION 1 - Introduction to NSL 7
  • NSL Defined
  • Technical Overview
  • Local Cache
  • MMC Snap-ins

SECTION 2 - Installing NSL Support Files
  • Supported Software Plateforms
  • Operating Systems with eDirectory
  • Operating Systems with AD
  • Use of LDAP
SECTION 3 - Extending the Schema
  • Extending the eDirectory Schema
  • Extending Active Directory
  • Extending LDAP
SECTION 4 - Installing the NSL Client
  • Default Installation
  • Scripted Installation
  • Creating a Response File
SECTION 5 - Using NSL to Manage Application Passwords
  • Using the Personal management Utility
  • Tasks that can be performed using the Personal management Utility
  • Using the Add Application Wizard
SECTION 6 - Configuring NSL for Pre-defined Application Authentication
  • GroupWise Client
  • GroupWise Messenger
SECTION 7 - Configuring NSL for Web-based Applications
  • GroupWise Web Access
  • Configuring NSL for IIS Web Application
SECTION 8 - The NSL Wizard
  • Introduction to NSL Scripting

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