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Novell Open Enterprise Server: OpenSLP Demystified (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9509]

What is SLP?

Course Overview

As customers migrate from Novell NetWare to Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux, one of the challenges is moving to OpenSLP. SLP stands for Service Location Protocol and it does exactly that... provides information about where a service can be found. In other words, it resolves service names to IP addresses. OpenSLP is what a pure Open Enterprise Server Linux system needs. In this hands-on course we will demystify OpenSLP and lay to rest many of the rumors surrounding Novell SLP and OpenSLP. By configuring and testing SLP DA's on NetWare and Linux, you learn how and when to use OpenSLP and how to avoid many common mistakes.

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

During this course, you learn the following:

  • Objective 1 - What SLP is
  • Objective 2 - Why SLP is needed and how Novell's SLP is different
  • Objective 3 - How to configure OpenSLP
  • Objective 4 - How to troubleshoot

Audience Summary

This course is designed for anyone faced with removing the last NetWare server from their tree and who are wondering about OpenSLP.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, you should have a general understanding of Novell SLP and the Linux operating system.

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following order:


Objective 1: Myths - What is, What is not


Objective 2: Overview and the Basics

-- Why SLP Is Needed

-- What is SLP

-- Scopes

-- How is Novell’s SLP Different


Objective 3: Configuring OpenSLP


Objective 4: Troubleshooting

Course Description