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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Memory Management Internals (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9218]

Course Overview

This course is to educate Administrators on the workings of the SUSE Linux memory management subsystem. Describe what its components are, and what their purpose is.This course is mostly theory and lecture.

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

This course will let administrators know what is happening behind the scenes With the Memory management subsystem. Students will learn how things such as Physical to virtual memory is mapped. How the kernel allocates and deallocates memory pages.

Audience Summary

This course is designed for the SUSE Linux Administrator that would like to learn how the Memory Management handles Physical and Virtual memory.

Course Prerequisites

The ideal student for this course would have several years administration experience in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:

  • Memory Management Subsystem
  • Virtual Memory
  • Caches
  • Page Allocation and Deallocation
  • Memory Mapping
  • Demand Paging
  • Linux Page Cache
  • Swapping Out and Discarding Pages
  • Swap Cache
  • Swapping Pages In
  • Out Of Memory Killer

Course Description

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