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First Look: Identity Manager 4 [Course 1400]

Get introduced to NetIQ Identity Manager 4!

Course Overview

NetIQ Identity Manager 4 is the only intelligent, cloud-ready, and secure identity management solution on the market today.   With a whole new architecture and revolutionary new features-- you should get to know about this exciting product.  First Look: Identity Manager 4 (Course 1400) introduces you to the new features, functionality and tools of NetIQ Identity Manager 4.  It also covers a basic installation of the product in a new environment.  

Training Level: 1 - Novice

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

During this course you will learn:

  • Major New Features in NetIQ Identity Manager 4
  • Architectural Enhancements
  • New Integration Modules and Tools
  • NetIQ Identity Manager 4 Family Review
  • Basic, Stream-lined Installation

Audience Summary

First Look: Identity Manager 4 (Course 1400) is ideal, introductory training for anyone who wants to know more about NetIQ Identity Manager 4 new features through lecture and demonstrations or needs to know how to do a basic installation of the product. 

Course Prerequisites

Understanding of and experience with prior releases of Identity Manager is helpful, but not required.

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:

  • Advance reporting and metrics capability
  • Role Mapping Administrator
  • Unified installation
  • Package Manager
  • Sharepoint Driver

Course Description

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