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NetIQ Identity Manager 4: Upgrade and Migration [Course 8208]

Upgrading to Novell Identity Manager 4?

Course Overview

Learn to upgrade your existing installation of Novel Identity Manager to Novell Identity Manager 4.   This course will cover the necessary essentials such as system requirements, updating your identity vault and upgrading the engine, drivers, and the roles-based provisioning module.  It will also cover the migration of the user application, user application drivers, and the security model.  If you are planning on upgrading or migrating your current Novell Identity Manager installation to Novell Identity Manager 4 by yourself, this course will help you do that smoothly and efficiently.

Training Level: 0 - All

Duration: 1 Days

Key Objectives

During this course, you will learn how to:

  • Upgrade your identity vault
  • Upgrade the Identity Manager engine
  • Upgrade the Identity Manager drivers
  • Upgrade from Roles-Based Provisioning Module
  • Migrate the User Application and drivers
  • Migrate the security model

Audience Summary

This course is for anyone who is upgrading from a previous version of Novell Identity Manager (with or without Roles Based Provisioning Module installed) to Novell Identity Manager 4 by themselves.  

Course Prerequisites

Participants of this class should be familiar with the operation and administration of previous versions of Novell Identity Manager.

Course Outline

This course covers the following topics:
  • What's New
  • Supported Versions for Upgrades and System Requirements
  • Updating eDirectory
  • In-place Upgrade of the Identity Management Engine
    • Performing a In-Place Upgrade
  • Designer 4.0
    • Updating current project.
  • Upgrading an existing Identity Management Driver
    • Supported Upgrade Paths
    • What''s new in the IDM 4 Drivers
    • Upgrading Driver Procedure (Configuration, Policy, Entitlements)
  • Upgrading Role Based Provisioning Module (Password Management, Workflow, Roles)
    • Migrating User Application Drivers
    • Migrating User Application
    • Migrating the Security Model

Course Testing Information

This course is not associated with any exam or certification.

Course Description

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