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Novell ZENworks Configuration Management: Hardware Independent Imaging for Windows 7 [Course 9415]

Course Overview


This course helps you learn how to use Microsoft's Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) and ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) to create and deploy a hardware agnostic Windows 7 base image. The goal of the process presented in this course is to be able to deploy the same base image to all of the various types of Intel or AMD based machines you have in your environment.

Training Level: 3 - Advanced

Duration: 2 Days

Key Objectives

By the time you complete this course you should be able to:

  • Describe the differences between XP's and the Windows 7 Setup process
  • Describe the various Configuration Passes that occur during the Windows 7 Setup process Understand the purpose of the tools that comprise WAIK
  • Use the Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) and Sysprep utilities to configure an unattended installation of Windows 7. These utilities will configure Windows Setup to do the following:
    • partition Windows 7 for any sized drive
    • include additional device drivers for a given type of hardware
    • activate the built-in administrator account
    • create additional local user accounts
    • install the Novell Client for Windows 7 and the ZENworks Adaptive Agent.
  • Use ZCM''s Image Explorer Utility to create Add-on Images that will be used to:
    • deploy hardware specific drivers for Windows Setup
    • deliver the Novell Client for Windows 7 software so that it can be installed by Windows Setup
    • deliver a customized Installation Package for the ZENworks Adaptive Agent so that it can be installed by Windows Setup
    • and control how the ZENworks Adaptive Agent handles the Windows SID.
  • Use ZCM Bundle Management to create an Application Add-on Image for the staging of Open Office
  • Use ZCM's Imaging Feature to deploy the Windows 7 hardware independent base and ZENworks Add-on images to new workstations.

Audience Summary

This course is designed for Network and Desktop Administrators that need to deploy new Windows 7 workstations in a ZENworks Configuration Management environment.

Course Prerequisites

Students should meet the following course prerequisites:

  • Experience supporting Windows XP desktops in a ZCM environment
  • Understand ZCM architecture and terminology
  • Understand ZCM back-end imaging related services
  • Have experience using the ZENworks Control Center to create Application and Image Bundles.

Course prerequisites can also be met by attending the following Novell Training Courses:

  • Novell Channel Courses 3098 and 8004
  • Novell Channel Course 3108.

Course Outline

The following topics are covered in this course:

  1. Understanding Microsoft’s Image-based Setup (IBS) Process
  2. Understanding Windows Activation and Rearming
  3. Understanding the SOS* Base Image Development Process (*Standard Operating System)
  4. Using the Microsoft Tool Set
  5. Building your “Fully Unattended” Sysprep XML Answer File.
  6. Using ZCM’s Imaging Explorer
  7. Dealing with Hardware Drivers and the ZENworks Adaptive Agent (ZAA)
  8. Deploying your SOS Base and Add-on Images


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