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Administer a Cloud Manager Environment (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9062]

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This course will teach you how to Administer a NetIQ Cloud Manager 1.0 environment. You will learn the common tasks an administrator needs know in order to manage and configure NetIQ Cloud Manager.

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 1 Days

Key Objectives

During this course, you will learn to:

  • Administer a NetIQ Cloud Manager 1.0 environment
  • Manage NetIQ Cloud Manager
  • Configure NetIQ Cloud Manager

Audience Summary

This course is designed for PSEs and consultants who need to actually demonstrate and explain the product, as well as Data Center or Cloud administrators who will need to manage a NetIQ Cloud Manager environment.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course you must have a good basic understanding of virtualization, including Xen, vSphere and ESX.

Course Outline

SECTION 1 – Building a Cloud

Objective 1: Adding Zones
Objective 2: Organizing Hosts into Groups
Objective 3: Defining Service Levels
Objective 4: Creating Workload Templates
Objective 5: Adding Users
Objective 6: Creating Business Groups

SECTION 2 – Provisioning Services in the Cloud

Objective 1: Provisioning a New Business Service
Objective 2: Managing a Deployed Business Service
Objective 3: Requesting a Business Service as an Administrator
Objective 4: Resolving Failed Builds

SECTION 3 – Managing the Cloud

Objective 1: Monitoring Resource Capacity and Usage
Objective 2: Managing Host Groups
Objective 3: Managing Service Levels
Objective 4: Managing Workload Templates
Objective 5: Managing Users
Objective 6: Managing Business Groups
Objective 7: Generating Cost Reports
Objective 8: Configuring Zone Connections
Objective 9: Connecting to an LDAP Directory for User Authentication
Objective 10: Connecting to a SMTP Server to Send External e-mail
Objective 11: Configuring Notification Schedules
Objective 12: Configuring Remote Access to Workloads
Objective 13: Configuring the Workload Update Schedule
Objective 14: Starting and Stopping the Cloud Manager Server
Objective 15: Viewing and Maintaining the Audit File
Objective 16: Viewing and Maintaining the Log File
Objective 17: Maintaining the PostgreSQL Database
Objective 18: Security Considerations

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