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Privileged User Manager 2.3: Administration [Course 8211]

Course Overview

In this Privileged User Manager 2.3: Administration course, you will learn about the new features and functionality of Novell Privileged User Manager 2.3, which adds support for Windows privileged users. You will gain an understanding of a privileged user manager domain architecture in Unix, Linux and Windows environments and learn to install, configure and test Novell Privileged User Manager 2.3.

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 3 Days

Key Objectives

During this course, you learn how to:

  • Install Privileged User Manager
  • Configure the Framework
  • Understand Command Control and Rule Creation
  • Understand Compliance Audit and Reporting
  • Configure Compliance Audit
  • Configure Load Balancing and Failover
  • Understand Advanced Policy Administration
  • Understand Command Line Tools
  • Understand Remote Connection

Audience Summary

The ideal audience for this course is either security administrators who are looking to set up and use Privileged User Manager, or auditors that need to audit activity in a Privileged User Manager Domain.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, you should have some limited exposure to Unix/Linux environments. You should also be aware of the security guidelines for your company.

Course Outline

  • SECTION 1 Introduction to Novell Privileged User Manager
  • Objectives: Understanding Customer Issues -  Privileged User Manager Capabilities That Map to Customer issues
  • SECTION 2 Installing Privileged User Manager
  • Objectives: What is the Framework? -  Pre-requisites for Installation -  Installing the Framework -  How to Install the Host Agent
  • SECTION 3 – Configuring the Framework
  • Objectives: How to Configure the Package Manager - How to Configure Framework Users and Groups
  • SECTION 4 Understanding Command Control and Rule Creation
  • Objectives: Understanding Command Control -  Understanding Rule Creation
  • SECTION 5 Understanding Compliance Audit and Reporting
  • Objectives: Compliance Audit Overview -  Reporting Overview

  • SECTION 6 Configuring Compliance Audit
  • Objectives: Configure Audit Settings -  Audit Event Reporting -  Archival And Retrieval
  • SECTION 7 Configuring Load Balancing and Failover
  • Objectives: Configuring Load Balancing - Configuring Failover
  • SECTION 8 Understanding Advanced Policy Administration
  • Objectives: Introduction to Advanced Policy Management -  Test Suites -  Change Management -  Command Risk Rating

  • SECTION 9 Understanding Command Line Tools
  • Objectives: Understanding uscp and udsh - Understanding ccsum -  Backup, Rollback, Export, and Import
  • SECTION 10 Understanding Remote Connection
  • Objectives: Configure RDP to a Windows Server - Configure SSH to a Unix/Linux Server

Course Description