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Manage Virtualization with the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9215]

Course Overview

This course provides knowledge and skill in making Xen and KVM virtual machines highly available on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

Attendees need to have knowledge and experience with SUSE Linux Enterprise, Xen and KVM .

Audience Summary

This course is intended for people who are interested in making Xen and KVM virtual machines highly available on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees need to have the following:

  • CLP or equivalent experience
  • CExperience with high availability clustering
  • CExperience with Xen and/or KVM virtualization on SUSE Linux Enterprise

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:

SECTION 1: Configure Virtualization Hosts
  • Objective 1: Virtualization Terminlogy
  • Objective 2: Virtualization Platform Architectures
  • Objective 3: Virtualization Modes
  • Objective 4: CPU Virtualization
  • Objective 5: vHost Boot Process
  • Objective 6: OS and Feature Support
  • Objective 7: Install and Boot a KVM vHost
  • Objective 8: Install and Boot a Xen vHosts
  • Objective 9: Overview of VM Migration

SECTION 2:Configure Clustered Storage with a SAN
  • Objective 1: Introduction to Clustered SAN Storage
  • Objective 2: SAN Alternative
  • Objective 3: Configure Storage Cluster Resources

SECTION 3: Install and Configure HA Clustering in SLE11
  • Objective 1: Cluster Terminology
  • Objective 2: Overview of the SUSE Linux Enterprise HA Extension
  • Objective 3: HA Daemon Configuration Overview
  • Objective 4: Important Files and Directories
  • Objective 5: Configure the HA Daemon

SECTION 4: Configure Clustered Virtual Machine Shared Storage
  • Objective 1: Introduction to OCFS2
  • Objective 2: OCFS2 Architecture
  • Objective 3: Configure an OCFS2 Cluster

SECTION 5: Configure Highly Available Virtual Machines
  • Objective 1: Overview of Cluster Resources
  • Objective 2: Resource Agents
  • Objective 3: Cluster Resources
  • Objective 4: Highly Available Virtual Machines

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