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Managing Deployment, Imaging and Virtualization with Open Source Parallel System Administration Tools, Advanced Technical Training, Course 9224

Course Overview

Learn to use the Mooty Parallel System Administration (PSA) tool, the new Class Quick Tools plug-in (CQT), and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Desktop and Server (SLE 11), to deploy and manage individual files, automate SLE 11 installations, create and deploy images, and manage virtualization infrastructure and VMs...all in parallel.

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to use SLES 11 and the new CQT to do the following:

  • Quickly create SLES 11 deployment servers that offer DHCP, PXE boot, DNS, and HTTP services
  • Quickly create and use autoyast files to automate the mass installation of SLED 11 and SLES 11 systems
  • Use SLES 11 deployment servers to rapidly image Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Create and deploy management keys at build time for PSA
  • Copy, multi-cast and synchronize files, directories and bundles from SLES 11 deployment servers to clients
  • Collect files en mass from groups of computers
  • Manage VMWare, KVM and Xen host computers
  • Deploy and manage VMs for VMWare, KVM and Xen host computers

Audience Summary

This training module is designed for data center and enterprise system administrators of straight Linux, or heterogeneous Linux and Windows environments.

Administrators that have many systems to administer and are looking to complete work quickly while simultaneously reducing costs will find this module useful.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, you should have the following:
  • Completed Course 9223 - Managing Heterogeneous Systems with Open Source Parallel System Administration Tools
  • Strong Linux administration skills
  • Windows administration skills

Course Outline

SECTION 1 - Introduction to Mooty PSA Deployment Management
  • Objective 1: Mooty: From 30,000 Feet
  • Objective 2: Deployment: File Copy
  • Objective 3: Deployment: Auto-Installation
  • Objective 4: Deployment: Imaging
  • Objective 5: Deployment: Virtualization
  • Objective 6: Course Organization

SECTION 2 - Mooty PSA File Deployment
  • Objective 1: Mooty Standard File Deployment
  • Objective 2: Multi-Cast with Mooty
  • Objective 3: Introducing Mooty Deptool

SECTION 3 - Mooty PSA Virtualization Management
  • Objective 1: PSA Virtualization Management
  • Objective 2: Xen Virtualization
  • Objective 3: Open Source VM Management Tools
  • Objective 4: Create VMs with vm-install
  • Objective 5: Manage VMs with xm
  • Objective 6: Manage VMs with libvirt Tools

SECTION 4 - Auto-Installation
  • Objective 1: Introduction to AutoYaST
  • Objective 2: Prepare for an AutoYaST Installation
  • Objective 3: Launch an AutoYaST Driven Installation
  • Objective 4: Configure Installation Services
  • Objective 5: Use YaST to Configure an Installation Server
  • Objective 6: Configure a PXE Server for Installation
  • Objective 7: YaST Autoinstallation Module
  • Objective 8: Edit XML with Vim Using Syntax Hi-lighting
  • Objective 9: Extra: Stop Endless PXE Install Loops
  • Objective 10: Use The CQT To Manage Booting, PXE, and DHCP

SECTION 5 - Mooty PSA Imaging
  • Objective 1: Introduction to Open Source Imaging
  • Objective 2: Open Source Imaging Fundamentals
  • Objective 3: Scraping Images
  • Objective 4: Imaging Windows XP with

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