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Novell Storage Services (NSS) Under the Hood (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9513]

Course Overview

In this Novell Storage Services (NSS) Under the Hood course, you will take a comprehensive look at NSS and discover the nature of the relationship between NSS and EVMS. You will learn how to use tools such as ravsui, verify, re-build and NSS scan.

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

During this course, you learn how to:

  • Configure NSS Pool Snapshots
  • Use Verify and Rebuild

Audience Summary

This course is designed for students who have a thorough understanding of NSS and the tools iManager and NSSMU. They should also have an well grounded grasp of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 and Linux.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Outline

SECTION 1 Advanced NSS Management

Objective 1: Configure NSS Pool Snapshots

-- How Pool Snapshots Work

-- Guidelines for Using and Managing Pool Snapshots

-- Creating a New Pool Snapshot

-- Viewing a List of Snapshots for a Pool

-- Viewing Pool Snapshot Detail

-- Bringing a Pool Snapshot Online or Offline

-- Viewing and Managing an Online Pool Snapshot

Objective 2 Using Verify and Rebuild

-- When to Use Verify and Rebuild

-- Verifying and Rebuilding an NSS Pool and Its Volumes

-- ReZIDing Volumes in an NSS Pool


SECTION 2 Advanced NSS Management Labs

Exercise 2-1: Managing Pool Snapshots

Exercise 2-2: Using Verify and Rebuild

Course Description

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