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Novell File Management Suite 3.0 - Active Directory [Course 8554]

Course Overview

File-based data is growing faster, consuming more space and being retained longer than ever before. As a result, file system chaos is a significant challenge shared by organizations in every industry across the globe. Novell has released a compelling solution to this challenge called Novell File Management Suite. Novell File Management Suite is an integrated offering that intelligently manages file storage for maximum business benefit. It does this by provisioning, relocating, optimizing and reporting on file storage based on user roles and customized business policies. Applicable to Novell customers and new prospects alike, it helps organizations manage files and file systems in order to gain efficiencies, ensure compliance and lower costs.

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Duration: 1 Days

Key Objectives

Students will understand the Novell File Management Suite which consists of three products designed to be deployed together for maximum benefit:

  • Novell Storage Manager v3.0 - manages files and folders with policies based on user identities and roles.
  • Novell Dynamic File Services - automatically moves stale files from expensive primary storage to low-cost secondary storage, based on policies set by IT
  • Novell File Reporter - inventories file systems to provide IT with a clear picture of storage resource usage across multiple categories--including user identities.

Audience Summary

Administrators who have experience in Active Directory and want to manage storage tied to the identities in the directory

Course Prerequisites


Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:

  • Novell File Management Suite v3.0 Overview
  • Novell File Reporter for Active Directory
  • NSM AD Policy Reporter Plugin for NFR
  • NSM Global Statistics Reports (GSR)
  • Install NFR Engine Service
  • Run Reports
  • Novell Dynamic Storage Manager for Active Directory
  • Install and configure
  • Novell Storage Manager v3.0
  • Install and configure
  • User-based Policy Creation
  • Auxiliary Storage Policies
  • Collaborative Storage Policies
  • User Profile Path Policies
  • Remote Desktop Services Policies

Course Description

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