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Managing Linux Devices Using ZENworks 11 Configuration Management (Novell Technical Training) [Course 8513]

Course Overview

During this module you will appreciate the ability of ZENworks 11 Configuration Management to manage Linux based devices. Specifically this section will cover the following topics:

  • Describe the types of Linux devices that can be managed by ZCM 11
  • Learn how to deploy the XPLAT Agent to a Linux Device
  • Understand the various types of Linux Bundles
  • Understand the use case for and how to configure Subscriptions
  • and describe Linux Policy Management

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 1 Days

Key Objectives

During the hands-on exercises you will perform the following tasks:

  • Discover new Linux devices
  • Deploy the new XPLAT Agent using both a "pull and push method" to Linux devices and register the devices in the zone
  • deliver rpm based content using Linux Bundles deploy the rpm to the devices


Audience Summary

This course is designed for the following audiences:

  1. Novell Partner Resellers looking to understand how ZCM can be used to manage Linux Devices
  2. Those administrators working for customers who are using ZENworks Linux Management and want to understand how ZCM 11 can be used to manage Linux devices as well as their WindowsdDevices.

Course Prerequisites

The student attending this class is assumed to have the following skill sets and experience:

  • Understanding of ZCM Architecture and Terms,
  • Has experience using either the ZENworks Control Center from ZCM 10.x or ZLM 7.x
  • Familarity with the Linux Operating System. This includes being able to use common Linux command line utilities such as cp, ls, and mv and be able to use Linux editors such as gedit or vi.

Course Outline

This course will be taught in the following sections:

Section 1: Introduction
  • Session Objectives
  • Assumed Prerequisites

Section 2: Deploying the XPlat Agent for Linux
  • Understanding the XPlat Agent Installation Packages
  • Understanding methods to deploy the XPlat Agent
  • Lab: Deploying the XPlat Agent to Linux Servers and Workstations

Section 3: Overview of the Linux Management Features in ZCM 11
  • Discovery and Deployment Task for Linux Devices
  • NAL Window for Linux
  • Managing remote Linux devices
  • Inventory of Linux managed devices
  • Overview of Linux Policy Management
  • Overview of Linux Package Management

Section 4: Understanding Linux Packaged Management in ZCM 11
  • Describe the various types of Linux Bundles
  • Creating YUM Repositories from Linux Bundles
  • Using Subscriptions to patch Linux Devices
  • Lab: Creating and deploying RPM-based Applications

Section 5: Understanding Linux Policy Management in ZCM 11
  • Positioning of Linux Policy Management in ZCM 11 compared to ZLM 7.x
    • Using the External Services Policy
    • Using the Puppet Policy
    • Lab: Creating a YUM Repository and using it as an External Source.

    Secton 6: Migrating from ZLM to ZCM 11
    • Prerequisites for a successful migration
    • Understanding the Migration Process

    Section 7: Managing remote Linux Devices
    • Lab: Using Remote Control on Linux managed devices
    • Lab: Using Remote SSH on Linux managed devices.

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