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Introduction to Endpoint Security Management in ZENworks 11 Configuration Management (Novell Technical Training) [Course 8514]

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With ZENworks 11 Configuration Management, the functionalities of the End-Point Security product have been integrated in to the core ZENworks Configuration Management architecture. In this session we will focus on how Endpoint Security Management can be used to secure your company’s workstations. This session will demonstrate an extensive discussion of the product’s features. The hands-on exercises will teach you how to use the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) to configure and publish Security Policies that provide for application control, control access to USB ports, provide data encryption, and demonstrate the location awareness capability of ZENworks 11.x Configuration Management.

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 1 Days

Key Objectives

  • Provide a solid understanding of the purpose of Endpoint Security Management in ZCM 11.x
  • Understand how to configure both Configuration and Security Locations
  • Understand the use case for each ESM Policy and get hands-on experience implementing ESM policies

Audience Summary

This course is designed for:

  • Administrators looking to use ZCM 11 to provide for hardware security and application control of their Windows managed devices
  • Resellers trying to learn what opportunities are provided by implementing Endpoint Security Management in a ZCM 11 environment.

Course Prerequisites

This course assume that the student has the following experience and skill sets:

  • Has supported Windows workstations in a networked environment.
  • Understands ZCM 10.x Architecture concepts and terms.
  • Has used the ZENworks Control Center to configure zone information and Windows Configuration Policies.

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:

Course Background and Positioning

  • Course overview
  • Goals -
  • Course Prerequisites -

Course Content: Lecture & Lab Work

  • Understanding the Product History and Product Positioning
  • Defining Important ESM- related Concepts
  • Understanding the ESM Policies
  • Making ESM Policy Assignments
  • Using ESM Utilities
  • ESM Best Practices

Course Description

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