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NetIQ Identity Manager 4 Package Manager: Configuring and Upgrading Your Identity Deployment (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9115]

Course Overview

Novell''s Identity Manager 4 is releasing a new content framework to better help customers manager their Identity Manager deployments. Novell''s Designer today is undoubtedly the King of all Identity Tools. The new Package Manager framework that is now part of Designer is going to take it to the next level of tools from Novell.

After you complete this course you should have a very good understanding of Package Manager and how you should be utilizing it in your environment today. This session consists of lecture and hands on. In the hands on portion of this session you will use the information you learned in the three focus areas above.

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

This session will focus on four areas:

  • How to administer the new Package Manager features that are now part of Designer.
  • How to create packages with custom content and easy re-use for new deployments
  • How to create Resources, GCV, Prompts for you package deployments
  • How to upgrade your existing drivers to the new Content Package Framework

Audience Summary

This course is designed for experienced Novell Identity Manager administrators, architects and developers. It is required that you understand IDM policy and the interaction with connected systems.

Course Prerequisites

This session is dependent upon that you have prior knowledge of the Designer tool, especially if your going to be creating new content and upgrading existing drivers.

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:

SECTION 1: Identity Manager 4 Package Manager 3
  • Objective 1 Package Manager Overview 4
  • Objective 2 Package Manager Developer Mode 13
  • Objective 3 Package Manager Administration Features 11
  • Objective 4 Designing your Solution 45
  • Objective 5 Designer 4.0 New Features 47

SECTION 2:Converting Driver to Package Manager Framework 49
  • Exercise 2-1 Converting Driver Filter to Package 50
  • Exercise 2-2 Default Configuration Package 58
  • Exercise 2-3 Create New Package for Add On Policies 64

Course Description

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