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Identity Tracking for NetIQ Sentinel and Identity Manager (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9116]

Course Overview

This course is an overview NetIQ’s Compliance Management Platform. It prepares the attendee with knowledge of the tools necessary for the tight integration of Identity Manager 3.6.1 and Sentinel RD. With Identity Tracking, the customer has the ability to search for user activity, permission changes, systems accessed, profile information and much more. It also provides new reporting features and additional report templates.

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 1 Days

Key Objectives

The Key Objections of this courses are as follows:

  • Learning Integration Resources
  • Creating and Configuring the Driver
  • Dealing with Connection Factories
  • Creating and Installing Certificates
  • Installing the Identity Vault Collector
  • Installing the Identity Tracking Solution Pack
  • Finding and dealing with Rogue Administrators

Audience Summary

This course covers many aspects of both Novell Sentinel 6.1 RD product and its functionality. This course is appropriate for analysts who are using the Sentinel and Identity Manager and have a need to track or report on activity on various identities. This course will give you a complete understanding of Sentinel and Identity Manager Identity Tracking features, their installation, and configuration.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees must have an in-depth knowledge of Sentinel RD or Sentinel 6.1. A good understanding of the Identity Manager environment as well as iManager.

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:
  • Installing the Driver Files on the Metadirectory Engine
  • Sentinel RD Server
  • Using iManager to Import the Driver Configuration File
  • Using iManager to Configure the Driver Settings
  • Using iManager to Start the Driver
  • Configuring the Collector for Sentinel RD
  • Enabling Audit on All Endpoint Systems
  • Copying Script Files
  • Configuring Right-Click Menu Options
  • Populating the ApprovedAccountAdmin Map
  • Populating the IdentityManagedSystems Map
  • Configuring the SOAP Integrator
  • Configuring the LDAP Integrator
  • Creating the user

Course Description

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