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Features of NetIQ SecureLogin [Course 8334]

Course Overview

Most Enterprise Single Sign-on solutions either require administrators to learn complex scripting languages, or provide a basic graphical interface to recognize application signatures and prompts, in order to integrate applications. This inevitably increases the time it takes to implement SSO functionality or only provides SSO support for simple Web applications; not the case with NetIQ SecureLogin. NetIQ SecureLogin delivers the market''s most comprehensive graphical integration wizard with support for Windows, Web, Java and enterprise applications―even on Windows 7. In this session you will learn to configure complex authentication, re-login, change-password and error handling using the Wizard found in SecureLogin 7.1. Prerequisites: prior experience with SecureLogin

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Duration: 2 Hours

Key Objectives

Objectives for this course:

  • Introduction to the Wizard
  • Credential sources
  • Re-authentication
  • Submit options
  • Matching criteria

Audience Summary

Help Desk personnel, IT administrators, or anyone wishing to understand how to more easily create a SecureLogin script.

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites for this course.

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:
  • Section 1: Overview
  • Section 2: Creating Windows, Web-based and Java Logins
  • Section 3: Change Passwords
  • Section 4: Change Password Notification

Course Description

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