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Managing Active Directory with NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator and NetIQ Exchange Administrator [Course 9286]

Course Overview


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This course shows students how to set up and administer DRA and ExA to increase administration efficiency, maintain data integrity, reduce administration costs, and secure Active Directory environments.

Training Level: 3 - Advanced

Duration: 3 Days

Key Objectives

Through discussion, examples, and lab exercises with real world content, students will learn to:

  • Install and configure DRA and ExA in your particular network environment
  • Use and customize the consoles to perform day-to-day Active Directory administration tasks
  • Design and set up a dynamic security model that safely delegates administration tasks
  • Create policies and set up automation that will help save time and avoid directory pollution
  • Create reports to track administration actions

Audience Summary

Architects, IT Consultants, Exchange Administrators, System Administrators, Help Desk Administrators, Active Directory Administrators, and Windows 2000/2003 project team leads

Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Active Directory and Microsoft Windows 2000/2003

Course Outline

This course is taught in the following sections:


SECTION 1: NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator Architecture

SECTION 2: Installation

SECTION 3: NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator Configuration

SECTION 4: Configuration

SECTION 5: Account and Resource Management (ARM) Console


SECTION 1: Delegation Management

SECTION 2: Advanced NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator Management


SECTION 1: The Web Console

SECTION 2: Policies and Automation

SECTION 3: Auditing and Reporting Configuration

SECTION 4: Reporting

Course Description