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Novell GroupWise 2012 Advanced Administration [Course 8555]

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Already have your basic GroupWise 2012 system up and running, but want to know how to customize and manage it to meet specific demands? This four-day, hands-on course is a highly technical look at the key features of GroupWise 2012 from the Administrator role, how to perform advanced configuration tasks on those features, and how to troubleshoot some of the top GroupWise technical support issues. The labs in this class focus how you can leverage GroupWise features to make administration and troubleshooting a GroupWise 2012 system more efficient.

Training Level: 3 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Days

Key Objectives

This advanced level will teach skills such as gaining an in-depth knowledge of Agent configurations.

Course Outline

SECTION 1: What's New in GroupWise 2012

  • What's New in the Windows Client
  • What's New in WebAccess
  • What's New on the Back-End

SECTION 2: GroupWise Linux Basics

  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Connectivity
  • ConsoleOne and eDirectory
  • GroupWise on Linux

SECTION 3: Migrate GroupWise 8 from NetWare to Linux

  • Using the Server Migration Utility
  • Installing GroupWise 8 on Linux
  • Performing a Manual Migration
  • EXERCISE 3-1: Start a NetWare to Linux Migration Project
  • eXERCISE 3-2: Manage GroupWise on Linux from a Windows Workstation

SECTION 4: Upgrade to GroupWise 2012 on Linux

  • Prepare GroupWise 8 for the Update
  • Install the GroupWise 2012 Software
  • Update the Primary Domain
  • Update the Secondary Domain
  • Update the Post Offices
  • EXERCISE 4-1: Update from Novell GroupWise 8 to Novell GroupWise 2012

SECTION 5: Configure GroupWise Agents

  • Message Transfer Agent (MTA)
  • MTA WebConsole
  • Post Office Agent (POA)
  • POA WebConsole
  • GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)
  • GWIA WebConsole
  • EXERCISE 5-1: Configure GroupWise MTA and POA Settings

SECTION 6: Install GroupWise WebAccess

  • What is GroupWise WebAccess
  • Pre-Installation Tasks
  • Set Up GroupWise WebAccess
  • Test GroupWise WebAccess
  • EXERCISE 6-1: Install GroupWise 2012 WebAccess on Linux

SECTION 7: Configure GroupWise WebAccess

  • WebAccess Configuration Overview
  • Customize WebAccess Application
  • Manage User Access
  • Customize User Functionality
  • Customize Administrator Functionality
  • EXERCISE 7-1: Configure WebAccess Settings

SECTION 8: Update the GroupWise Windows Client

  • Update Manually
  • Update with AutoUpdate
  • Update with SetupIP
  • Update with AutoUpdate and SetupIP
  • Update with ZCM 11
  • EXERCISE 8-1: Update the Novell GroupWise 8 Client to Novell GroupWise 2012

SECTION 9: Expand the GroupWise 2012 System

  • Add a Secondary Domain
  • Add a Post Office
  • Add the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)

SECTION 10: Install GroupWise Monitor

  • What is GroupWise Monitor?
  • Pre-Installation Tasks
  • Set Up GroupWise Monitor
  • Test GroupWise Monitor
  • EXERCISE 10-1: Upgrade the Novell GroupWise 8 Client to Novell GroupWise 2012
  • EXERCISE 9-2: Expand GroupWise Cross Platform

SECTION 11: Strengthen GroupWise Security

  • Running Linux Agents as Non-Root
  • Configuring LDAP Authentication
  • Using SSL
  • Securing Agent WebConsoles
  • Securing GWIA
  • Securing WebAccess
  • EXERCISE 11-1: Strengthen GroupWise Security

SECTION 12: Troubleshooting and Top Support Issues

  • Troubleshooting Process
  • Identify the Problem
  • Fix the Problem
  • Top Support Issues
  • Additional Issues

SECTION 13: Implement Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack

  • Novell Data Synchronizer Overview
  • Novell Data Synchronizer Architecture
  • Installing Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack
  • Configuring Novell Data Synchronizer
  • EXERCISE 13-1: Implement Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack

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