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SLES Enterprise Bash Programming (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 8418]

Course Overview


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The SLES Enterprise Bash Programming course contains 4 essential scripting parts to maximize advanced system administration skill.

Part 1 consists of a Syntax Boot Camp which will quickly bring system administrators up to speed on Bash data structures, compound commands and basic
coding techniques.  

Part 2 covers techniques for leveraging the standard SUSE system administration environment as an high speed Bash scripting IDE for Sys Admins.  Essential tips
and tricks that boost the power and capability of the user with Gnome Desktop Environment, the Gnome Terminal and the Vim Editor are included.  The course
pushes even advanced students with the Vim Adventure file and various other challenge labs.  

Part 3 focuses on Bash Interpreter internals.  Students will learn how Bash interprets code and works with both interactive and non-interactive shells.
The course offers step-by-step understanding of Bash code execution so students come away with strong scripting skills in the SUSE environment.  

Part 4 is a High Performance Administration (HPA) finale which extends sys admin scripting skills from Parts 1-3.  It provides students with the Mooty
suite, written in Bash by Novell ATT, for HPA of heterogeneous environments that include SUSE Linux Enterprise.  Students will learn how to utilize HPA
techniques such as parallelization, to administer systems potentially numbering in the hundreds or thousands.  Students will also see how to install and
configure Cygwin on Windows systems to begin adding them to their HPA environments.  

The course provides many working code examples and challenges the students to write their own code in-line with the class

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Days

Key Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide the skills for the following:

Part 1: Bash Syntax Bootcamp

Part 2: Introduction to the Bash Scripting Environment

Part 3: Bash Scripting Fundamentals

Part 4. High Performance Administration

Audience Summary

This is an advanced course.  The course is designed for Linux Sys Admins that already have actual field experience with Linux.

Course Prerequisites

Hands-on experience with Linux, perferably SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Course Outline

Part 1: Bash Syntax Bootcamp

                Section 01: Bash Basics

Section 02: Use Basic Script Elements

Section 03: Understand Variables and Command Substitution

Section 04: Use Control Structures

Section 05: Use Arithmetic Operators

Section 06: Read User Input

Section 07: Use Arrays

Section 08: Finalize the Course Project

Section 09: Use Advanced Scripting Techniques

Section 10: Learn about Useful Commands in Shell Scripts


Part 2:  Introduction to the Bash Scripting Environment

Section 01: Introduction to the Gnome Desktop Environment

Section 02: The Vim Power User Primer

Section 03: Introduction to Bash Scripting


Part 3: Bash Scripting Fundamentals

Section 01: Bash Internals

Section 02: Linux Data Manipulation Tools

Section 03: Bash Execution Behavior

Section 04: Bash Script Writing

Section 05: Bash Debugging


Part 4:  High Performance Administration

Section 01: Introduction to Mooty Parallel System Administration

Section 02: Mooty Parallel System Architecture

Section 03: Mooty Installation and Configuration

Section 04: Mooty Controller Fundamentals

Section 05: The Cygwin Framework


Course Description