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Novell Vibe 3.3: Building Project Management Solutions (Novell Technical Training) [Course 8021]

Course Overview


In this course, students are introduced to the fundamental skills of installing and setting up Novell Vibe 3.3 (including the installation and configuration of Vibe Desktop and the Novell Vibe Microsoft Office Add-in). Students also learn how to upgrade to Novell Vibe 3.3 from a previous 3.x version, how to migrate data into a new Vibe 3.3 system, and how to integrate Novell Vibe 3.3 with GroupWise 2012.

    Training Level: 1 - Novice

    Duration: 4 Hours

    Key Objectives

    The following are high-level tasks that students should be able to complete after attending the course:

    • Create a Workspace focused on Project Management

    • Modify an existing workspace template to meet business needs

    • Create a simple form and workflow for reporting customer issues

    • Import and modify an existing workflow template

    • Test the functionality of a Vibe 3.3 integration with GroupWise 2012

    • Integrate an existing Vibe 3.3 installation with an existing GroupWise 2012 system


    Audience Summary

    This course is designed for individuals with project management responsibilities who would like to effectively manage their projects and project teams using Novell Vibe 3.3.

    Course Prerequisites

    Before taking this course, students should have fundamental computer skills. Some familiarity with previous versions of Teaming or Vibe (or other collaboration tools) can also help.

    Course Outline


    This course contains the following Sections:

    • Project Collaboration With Vibe

    • Create a Workspace

    • Copy and Modify a Workspace

    • Create a Form and Workflow

    • Add and Modify a Form and Workflow

    • Test Vibe and GroupWise Integration

    • Vibe and GroupWise Integration Configuration

    Course Description

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