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Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Advanced Imaging [Course 9315]

Course Overview


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This course is designed to give you an advanced level of understanding of the ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) imaging feature. During class, you learn how to:

  • Start and stop all imaging related services and understand the purpose of each imaging-related service
  • Use image bundles and hardware rules to repair broken workstations and multicast images to several machines at one time
  • Install the new NTFS driver into the ZCM Imaging Distro
  • Differentiate the three distinct phases of a PXE-based ZCM imaging operation
  • Generate and read imaging log files in order to troubleshoot the PXE-based ZCM imaging environment
  • Troubleshoot the ZCM imaging processes
  • Create a hardware independent Windows 7 base image that can be applied to different models of PC hardware.

Training Level: 3 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Days

Key Objectives

In general this class will give you the knowledge required:

  • to use the ZENworks Control Center to configure the most common types of imaging operations,
  • troubleshooting the most common types of imaging related issues
  • to use Microsoft tools (WSIM and SYSPREP) to configure the Windows Setup process
  • to implement an "image stack" approach using ZCM Imaging in the deployment of a SYSPREP'd Windows 7 hardware-independent base and add-on images.


Audience Summary

Experienced network administrators with imaging responsibilities.

Course Prerequisites

  • Experience managing Windows workstations in a networked environment
  • A general understanding of imaging technology
  • A general understanding of ZCM terminology and architecture
  • Fundamental experience using the ZENworks Control Center

Course Outline

This course will be taught in the following Sections:

  • Overview of the ZCM Imaging Environment
  • Introduction to the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC)
  • Creating Multicast Image Set Bundles
  • Doing Manual Imaging Operations
  • Describe the Imaging Phases
  • Understanding the ZCM Imaging Components and their Logs
  • Describe the PXE Boot Phase in detail
  • Describe the Novell Preboot Services Phase in detail
  • Understanding the automatic “Work-to-do” Process
  • Understanding Multicast Imaging
  • Troubleshooting Common Imaging Problems
  • Understanding Microsoft’s IBS technology
  • Defining Windows “Activation” and “Rearming”
  • Understanding the Standard Operating System (SOS) Base Image Development Process
  • Using the Microsoft Tool Set in the Development of SOS Base Images

Course Description