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Access Manager 3.2: Technical Support Troubleshooting and New Features [Course 9117]

Course Overview

Learn how to avoid initial problems using proactive best practices, and to troubleshoot Access Manager 3.2 problems should they occur. This session covers troubleshooting tools and key log files for the most commonly reported problems. We will also review new product features from the latest release of Access Manager.

Training Level: 3 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Days

Key Objectives

To obtain an more detailed understanding to Access Mnager Troubleshooting .

Audience Summary

This courses is for those who are interesting is a greater detail of the function of Access Manager Troubleshooting and the new features.

Course Prerequisites

 Understanding of Access Manager architecture and administration is required.

Course Outline

This class will be taught following these sections:

  • General Networking troubleshooting tools
  • Access Manager specific troubleshooting tools
  • Access Manager protected resource flow
  • Access Manager log settings and log files
  • Case study
  • Additional reading – Hidden slides (Access Gateway Service)



Course Description