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Novell Cluster Services: Tips, Tricks and Issues, Advanced Technical Training, Course 9517

Course Overview

In this session we will cover the following Tips and Tricks: * Whats new in OES 11 Novell Cluster Services * Cluster health check (supportconfig,, sbdutil, cluster stats, cluster status) * Using cluster monitor scripts. We will also troubleshoot and resolve the following common issues: * Nodes unable to join the cluster * Resources that go "comatose" * SBD partition problems * "File Protocol Errors" in iManager

Training Level: 4 - Advanced

Duration: 4 Hours

Key Objectives

Obtain greater understand of Novell Clustering Services and the Tips, Tricks and Issues of this product.

Audience Summary

For attendees interested in the new Tips, Tricks and Issues of Novell Cluster Services.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees need an understanding of Novell Cluster Services.

Course Outline

This course will be taught in the following sections:


  • Tips: Whats new in OES 11
  • Tips: OES 11 Improvements with NCS
  • Tips: NLVM -Novell Linux Volume Manager
  • Tricks: Cluster Monitoring Scripts
  • Tricks: Monitor Script
  • Tricks: Cluster Maintenance
  • Tricks: Cluster Debuging
  • Tricks: Cluster Rebooting
  • Issues: Node will not join the cluster
  • Issues: Comatose Resources
  • Issues: SBD partition problems
  • Issues: File Protocol Errors

Course Description