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Troubleshoot SUSE Linux Enterprise (Advanced Technical Training) [Course 9068]

Course Overview

This course teaches you how to troubleshoot some of the top, common issues with implementing SUSE Linux Enteprise. The course involves extensive hands-on troubleshooting of SLES systems, and comes complete with ATT exclusive code and techniques that you can utilize immediately in a production environment.

Training Level: 3 - Experienced

Duration: 2 Days

Key Objectives

Key objectives for this course include the following:

- The fundamentals of troubleshooting

- Differentiation and Disaster Recovery techniques using configuration backups

- SUSE SupportConfig Analysis Appliance installation and use

- SLES boot and initialization process troubleshooting

Audience Summary

This course is designed for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administrators who need troubleshooting skills and knowledge.

Course Prerequisites

A CLP certification or equivilent experience is required to take full advantage of the course.

Course Outline

Part A:

SECTION 1 – Troubleshooting Methodology

Objective 1: Types of Faults

Objective 2: Problem Analysis

Objective 3: Problem Diagnosis


SECTION 2 – Troubleshooting Tools

Objective 1: File Contents Tools

Objective 2: File System Tools

Objective 3: Network Tools


SECTION 3 – ATT Troubleshooting Labs


Part B:

SECTION 1 – Introduction to Configuration Backups

Objective 1: Understand Configuration Backups


SECTION 2 – Configuration Backup Fundamentals

Objective 1: Understand Backup Components

Objective 2: Automate Backups

Objective 3: Understand Differentiation Troubleshooting

Objective 4: Use Backups for Troubleshooting


SECTION 6 – Rapid Recovery

Objective 1: Understand the SLES Startup Process

Objective 2: Rescue Boot a Physical Machine


Part C:

SECTION 1 – SUSE Support Advisor

Objective 1: Introduction to SUSE Support Advisor


SECTION 2 – Supportutils

Objective 1: Supportutils

Objective 2: validate Applications with chkbin

Objective 3: Extending Supportconfig

Objective 4: Central Supportconfig Repository

Objective 5: troubleshooting with Supportconfig

Objective 6: Lab Exercises


Part D:

SECTION 1 – The Boot Process

Objective 1: Boot Process Overview

Objective 2: Troubleshooting Big Picture

Objective 3: Boot Process Details


SECTION 2 – Troubleshooting Techniques

Objective 1: Troubleshooting Procedure

Objective 2: Boot Installed System (BIS)

Objective 3: Administrative Run Levels

Objective 4: Chroot Installed System (CIS)

Objective 5: Flow Control

Objective 6: Troubleshooting Table


SECTION 3 – Boot Process Troubleshooting Labs

Course Description