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PlateSpin: Recon, Migrate, and Protect, Course 8260

Course Overview

These are complete training courses covering all aspects of PlateSpin Recon, PlateSpin Migrate and PlateSpin Protect

PlateSpin Recon is a discovery and planning tool for network server consolidation and disaster recovery

PlateSpin Migrate is a workload migration tool for moving workloads between physical machine, virtual machines and images

PlateSPin Protect is a workload protection and disaster recovery testing tool

The students will learn how to much more easily manage their physcial and virtual workloads. They will see how to migrate workloads, while they are in production, from one physical hardware platform to another, between the most common virtual hypervisors, and to create images that can be used for backups or provisioning.  They will also learn how to protect workloads while they are running in production, as well as keep them updated, to virtual machines for rapid recovery in case of failures. Finally they will see how they can do disaster recovery testing against those workloads without impacting their production environment.

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Duration: 3 Days

Key Objectives

During this course, you will learn how to accomplish the following tasks:

1. Discover how the PlateSpin product suite can help you manage your data center

2. Learn what Recon can do for on-going data center management

3. Learn how to plan a workload consolidation project

4. Learn how to move workloads while they are in production

5. Learn how to plan a disaster recovery project solution

6. Learn how PlateSpin Protect can provide disaster recovery protection

Audience Summary

The course is designed for server administrators and data center managers who want to find an easier way to manage their server eonvironments, no matter how large.  The courses will also benefit consultants and testers who need to duplicate customer environments without impacting production systems.  The courses will alos be useful for anyone responsible for backups or disaster recovery solutions

Course Prerequisites

Basic operating systems and virtual machine experience

Course Outline

PlateSpin Recon

    Section 1: The PlateSpin Product Suite

    Section 2: PlateSpin Recon Overview

    Section 3: Recon Technical Information

    Section 4: Recon Client

        Lab 4-1: Import Snapshots and Use the Console

   Section 5: Consolidation Assessments

   Section 6: Recon Assessment Process

       Lab 6-1: Discovery, Inventory and Monitoring

   Section 7: Recon Project Wizard

       Lab 7-1: Use the Recon Project Wizard

   Section 8: Sample Consolidation Assessment

        Lab 8-1: PlateSpin Recon Reports

   Section 9: On-Going Data Center Management


PlateSpin Migrate

   Section 1: Workload Relocation Solutions

   Section 2: PlateSpin Migrate Overview

   Section 3: PlateSpin Migrate Client

   Section 4: Discovery

       Lab 4-1: Server Discovery

   Section 5: Job Configuration

       Lab 5-1: Workload Migration Configuration

   Section 6: Job Execution

       Lab 6-1: Migration Job Execution

   Section 7: Flexible Images

       Lab 7-1: Flexible Images and Provisioning

   Section 8: Common Scenarios


 PlateSpin Protect

   Section 1:  Introduction

   Section 2: Workload Protection Solutions

   Section 3: PlateSpin Protect Overview

   Section 4: PlateSpin Protect Console

   Section 5: Workload Protection

       Lab 5-1: Protect a Workload

   Section 6: Workload Failover

       Lab 6-1: Failover a Workload

   Section 7: Workload Failback

       Lab 7-1: Failback a Failed Over Workload

   Section 8: Best Practices

   Section 9: Forge

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