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Novell File Management Suite - eDirectory [Course 8720]

Course Overview

This course provides learning experiences for those interested in learning about the Novell File Management Suite which includes the following: Novell Storage Manager and Novell File Reporter.

The course guides students in their learning about product installation and configuration and the development and deployment of storage related policies and reports.

At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to install and configure File Management Suite applications; to navigate application management consoles; to develop, test, and deploy file management policies; and to generate applicable reports.

Students registering for this course should have a basic understanding of Windows and Linux-based file systems as well as experience with the eDirectory directory service. Active Directory experience is a plus.

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Duration: 2 Days

Key Objectives

Upon completing the course, students should be combortable with installing and configuring File Management applications. After install, students should have a basis for planning file management strategies withing their organizations. Once the strategy is developed, students should feel confident using the management tools to develop, test and deploy policies and to generate and utilize file management reports.

Audience Summary

The audience for this course is system administrators who focus on the management and maintenance of file system content. In addition, those in an organization responsible for tracking the cost of data storage will be interesed in this course.

Course Prerequisites

Those participating in this course should have a solid understanding of Windows and Linux file systems, how to create and manage them, how to share and move data among file system resources, and file system rights. In addition, experience with eDirectory is required including understanding user context . Experience with VMWare is helpful.

Course Outline

Novell Storage Manager

  • Install Novell Storage Manager

  • Install Novell Storage Management Engine Service

  • Install the Novell Storage Manager Admin Utility

  • Install the Novell Storage Manager Event Engine

  • Install the Novell Storage Manager Agent

  • Manage Existing Users

  • Run the GSR Collector

  • Run Consistency Checks

  • Create File Management Policy

  • Test the Policy

  • Perform Manage Operations

  • Collaborative Storage Policy

  • Prepare the File System

  • Create the Collaborative Storage Policy

  • Test the Policy

  • Auxiliary Storage Policy

  • Create Auxiliary Storage Policy

  • Test the Policy

  • Cross Empire Data Migration

  • Prepare for the Migration

  • Create Proxy Account

  • Import Source Cache

  • Folder to Folder Migration

  • User to User Migration


Novell File Reporter

  • Install Novell File Reporter

  • Create a DNS Entry

  • Install the PostgreSQL Database

  • Install the NFR Engine

  • Add an Identity System

  • Configure File Reporter

  • Verify Storage Resources

  • Configure Notifications

  • Configure Integration with Novell Storage Manager

  • View Other Configuration Settings

  • Stored Reports

  • Engine Log Configuration

  • Web Interface Configuration

  • Install NFR Agents

  • Install and Configure a Windows Agent

  • Install and Configure an OES Linux Agent

  • Configure a Proxy Agent

  • Configure Scan Policy

  • Configure Scan Targets

  • Configuring Scan Policies

  • Test the Policies

  • View Scan Results

  • View Email Notifications

  • Generate Reports

  • Generate Folder Summary Reports and Branding

  • Generate Permissions Reports

  • Generate Filename Extension Reports

  • Generate Owner Reports

  • Generate Duplicate File Reports

  • Generate Date / Age Reports

  • Generate Summary Reports

  • Generate Quota Report with NSM Integrated

  • Generate an Unformatted Report

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