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Moving to Novell GroupWise 2014 [Course 8726]

Course Overview

This course includes content related to the newest version of GroupWise: GroupWise 2014 (code named Windermere). The course focuses on the new architecture, administrative tools, and features of GroupWise 2014, and on upgrade strategies for existing GroupWise customers. When finished with the course, students will be able to use the new administrative tools, use the new client, and have a strategy for upgrading their existing GroupWise system. Students taking the course should be experienced GroupWise administrators.

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Duration: 2 Days

Key Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to administer a GroupWise system with the new admin tool. They will be able to upgrade an existing GroupWise system from earlier versions. They will be able to upgrade GroupWise clients throughout their organizations. They will know how to set up GroupWise to use a directory for its user source and how to synchronize users.

Audience Summary

This course is designed with the experienced GroupWise administrator in mind. Students should have a good understanding of GroupWise terms and concepts such as Domains, Post Offices, Agents, GWIA, and others. Students should be familiar with directory database systems such as eDirectory. LDAP familiarity is recommended.

Course Prerequisites

Students who attend this class should have experience setting up and administering a GroupWise system. They should have added and managed GroupWise users, post offices and domains. They should know and understand the relationship between GroupWise and eDirectory. Students should know how to manage the GroupWise internet doman through GWIA configuration. They should be familiar with the GroupWise client and GroupWise client deployment and upgrade methods.

Understanding how to connect to a directory through LDAP is needed. Students should know directory database structure and design.

Basic IP/DNS knowledge is also required.

Course Outline

Day 1: What's New in GroupWise Windermere

  • Architecture
    • 64-Bit Agents
    • Admin Service
  • Install
    • Install Console
    • Security Model
    • No SDD
    • Setup Internet Addressing
  • Admin Console
    • Web-Based
    • System Overview Page
    • Start / Stop Agents
    • Delegate Admin Responsibilities
    • Search Functionality
    • Advanced Querying and Reporting
    • Favorites List
  • Running GroupWise Without a Directory
    • System Admin Account

Note: eDirectory and Active Directory configuration are taught in the moving to GroupWise Windermere section.

  • The Windows Client
    • Usability Enhancements
    • New Features
    • New Look and Feel
  • WebAccess

Day 2: Moving to GroupWise Windermere

  • Upgrade Scenarios
    • Using the migration tool
    • Multi-Domain considerations
    • Version Upgrades to Windermere
    • Platform Upgrades to Windermere
  • Implement Directory Synchronization
    • Install Directory Management Console Plug-ins
    • eDirectory Directory
    • Active Directory
  • Upgrade Clients
    • Configuring the Client Software Distribution
    • Triggering the Client Software Distribution
    • Upgrade Client Using ZCM
  • Install Monitor

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