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Product Introduction  
Introduction to SUSE Cloud
SUSE Cloud This is a high level introduction to the basic features and functionality of SUSE Cloud.
Support Quick Fix Training  
Novell Domain Services for Windows
Quick Fix Training These short training modules address a wide range of advanced topics such as common support issues, migrations, troubleshooting and advanced coverage of specific product features or functionality.
First Look  
First Look : Identity Manager 4 (1400)

First Look : SecureLogin 7

First Look : Sentinel Log Manager

Red Hat 5 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Migration Overview
First Look Training These lightweight training offerings cover the fundamentals of installation, basic configuration and new features of a product. This training also prepares you to continue on a learning path toward other courseware and certifications.
Technical Training  
Bridging NetWare Skills to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Fundamentals
Novell Technical Training These training courses and modules can vary in length (some are 4 hours, but most are 10 hours of recorded content) and cover basic administration tasks to intermediate level skills such as configuration, maintenance and implementation.

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Novell On-demand Training