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We understand that to stay competitive, you need to focus on your business. Your IT staff needs to implement new technologies and keep ahead of the competition. But how can they be sure that their current skill level is up to date, ensuring that your technical capabilities keep pace with your company's business goals?

Through online testing Technical Skills Assessment reveals your organization's IT strengths and weaknesses and helps you direct training dollars to the areas of your greatest need. The assessment gives a thorough analysis of your technical staff's skill levels, as it relates to your overall business goals. By drilling down to features within our products, we can identify the knowledge gaps and how to fix them. A detailed training plan can then be created and customized to empower your technical staff with the skills and knowledge needed to expertly manage your infrastructure, and so you can see a return on your product investment.

The technical skills assessment allows you to:

  • Obtain a thorough snapshot of your organization's current technical skills
  • Align IT skills with business objectives
  • Maximize the efficiency of IT staff to reduce helpdesk costs, system downtime and headcount requirements
  • Avoid wasting training dollars on skills already in place
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Utilize our solutions to your greatest advantage, increasing your return on investment
  • Work with your representative to create and customize a comprehensive training plan to eliminate knowledge gaps and empower you to reach your business goals

How It Works

The Technical Skills Assessment offers you an online assessment conducted by our training experts and includes:
Individual staff technical assessments – a series of brief, online tests administered to the IT staff to assess their capabilities in various solution areas

  • The assessments have been developed to target each area of competency within the product
  • Our training engineers have created the questions to ensure complete integration between the assessments and the relevant training
  • We customize our tests based on the features of the product, so your staff will not be evaluated on a feature set that you don't need
  • Each assessment contains 30 questions – basic to advanced – completed online in 35 to 45 minutes

Report of assessment results to identify skill gaps in your organization Custom training recommendations tailored to overcome the deficiencies of your IT skill set and maximize efficiency and productivity

The Technical Skills Assessment will provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your organization's overall technical expertise and ability to succeed.

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