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Exam Pricing

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Rates are in U.S. Dollars. For exact pricing in local currencies, please contact a test vendor in your area.

Traditional Exams

Traditional exams for the CNA, and CNE certifications are $125.

Registration for Traditional exams is offered by Pearson Vue. The links below will take you to the appropriate web site to register.

Practicum Exams

Practicum Exams for the Novell Certified Linux Professional and Novell Certified Linux Engineer are $195.

To see a list of Practicum locations or to register for an exam just use the link below:


Training On-Demand

"Training has three fundamental benefits. Number one it keeps your systems working. Number two it provides you the important baseline to be able to build on that infrastructure. But also number 3 it has a very profound affect on staff morale.."

William Mayer—
Associate Librarian
George Washington University

"The Novell training I’ve gotten has been much better than the training I’ve gotten from other vendors because the instructors have been far more knowledgeable and the courses have been much better laid out and much more clearly thought through and more detailed. I’ve been very happy with them."

Kevin Mclean—
Mountwell College
Calgary Alberta, Canada

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