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End-User Computing PartnerNet Specialization: Teaming & Individual Productivity: GroupWise 8

Test 050-726 Objectives

Test Objectives

A thorough understanding of the course and test objectives is recommended prior to taking the test. Novell-authorized training kits contain the material from which test objectives and test questions are taken. They are the best resources for test preparation.

  1. Identify GroupWise Components
  2. Identify Prerequisite Requirements
  3. Install the GroupWise Software
  4. Install and Run the GroupWise Agents
  5. Understand the GroupWise Domain and Post Office Directories
  6. Evaluate System Performance Using Agent Log Files
  7. Create GroupWise Post Office Users
  8. Delete Post Office Objects
  9. Rename a GroupWise User ID
  10. Establish Mailbox Security
  11. Identify Database and System Maintenance Issues
  12. Use the Mailbox/Library Maintenance Tool
  13. Using the System Maintenance Tool to Maintain Directory Store Databases
  14. Back Up a GroupWise System
  15. Describe the Protocols and Components of GWIA
  16. Verify GWIA Installation Prerequisites
  17. Install GWIA
  18. Describe the GWIA Console Screen
  19. Configure GWIA Properties
  20. Configure Internet Addressing
  21. Optimize GWIA
  22. Configure SMTP Security
  23. Configure and Maintain Access Control
  24. Set Up and Additional Post Office
  25. Move a GroupWise Mailbox
  26. Link Existing Domains
  27. Describe How You Will Administer GroupWise
  28. Perform Database Maintenance
  29. Configure Client Settings
  30. Describe the Benefits and Features of GroupWise WebAccess
  31. Plan a GroupWise WebAccess Installation
  32. Install GroupWise WebAccess
  33. Configure WebAccess Application Properties
  34. Describe GroupWise Messenger
  35. Install and Use GroupWise Messenger
  36. Manage the GroupWise Messaging Agent
  37. Establish Messaging Security with SSL Encryption
  38. Identify the benefits of GroupWise Monitor
  39. Use ConsoleOne to Configure the Monitor Application Objects
  40. Configure Threshold Profiles for GroupWise Monitor
  41. Run GroupWise Monitor Reports
  42. Plan a Calendar Publishing Host Deployment
  43. Publish Calendar Information

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.


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Test #050-726: standard test

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.


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