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Network Management: NetWare 6.5

Course 3042

Test objectives

  1. Manage and Troubleshoot User Connectivity Problems
  2. Specify Guidelines for Client Configurations
  3. Update Client Software
  4. Identify NetWare 6.5 TCP/IP Components
  5. Identify How DHCP Services Work
  6. Configure DHCP Services
  7. Create a Private Network Using NAT
  8. Identify How DNS Services Work
  9. Configure DNS Services
10. Configure Dynamic DNS Services
11. Configure SLP
12. Identify NetWare 6.5 Server Management Utilities
13. Use Remote Manager
14. Use Micro Focus iManager 2.0
15. Use Micro Focus iMonitor
16. Use Micro Focus iMonitor to Diagnose and Repair Micro Focus eDirectory Problems
17. Repair Micro Focus eDirectory Using Micro Focus iMonitor
18. Use the Micro Focus eDirectory Import/Export Wizard to Manage LDIF Files
19. Describe Public Key Cryptography
20. Identify How Public Key Cryptography Works
21. Use Certificate Server to Implement Public Key Cryptography
22. Define Micro Focus eDirectory Replication and Synchronization
23. Identify Basic Micro Focus eDirectory Administrative Procedures
24. Design and Implement a Time Synchronization Strategy
25. Identify How Server and User Licensing Works
26. Identify Key NLS Components
27. Manage License Certificates in the Micro Focus eDirectory Tree
28. Install NLS Certificates and View NetWare License Usage
29. Manage NSS
30. Manage NSS Storage Space
31. Configure User Access to the File System
32. Describe NWAS Tools and Services
33. Install and Manage Apache Web Server
34. Manage Multiple Instances of Apache
35. Document Your Network
36. Describe the 6-Step Network Troubleshooting Model
37. Prepare for Network Problem Recurrence
38. Locate Support Information on the Web Site
39. Review NetWare 6.5 Operating System Requirements
40. Upgrade Network and Server Hardware
41. Create an Upgrade Plan
42. Prepare the Network for the Upgrade
43. Perform an Upgrade
44. Perform a Remote Upgrade

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Test #050-690: CNE
Test #050-890: CNI

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.

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