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Advanced Network Management: NetWare 6.5

Course 3043

Test objectives

  1. Describe the Difference Between an Upgrade and a Migration
  2. Perform a Migration
  3. Identify the Business Needs for Server Consolidation
  4. Install the NetWare Server Consolidation Utility
  5. Consolidate NetWare Servers with the NetWare Server Consolidation Utility
  6. Upgrade Network Management Tools
  7. Identify the Troubleshooting Features of Network Management Tools
  8. Identify the Purpose and Function of IPX/IP Troubleshooting Tools
  9. Identify Additional Network Troubleshooting Resources
10. Identify Server Hardware and Operating System Components
11. Troubleshoot and Resolve NetWare Server Issues
12. Troubleshoot and Resolve Critical Server Abends
13. Troubleshoot and Resolve Server Communication Issues
14. Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Databases and Processes
15. Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Troubleshooting Steps
16. Identify Partition and Replication Placement Design
17. Use Micro Focus iMonitor Reports to Obtain Server and Micro Focus eDirectory Information
18. Perform Health Checks
19. Expand an NSS Storage Space
20. Configure NSS Volume Attributes
21. Resolve Common NSS Errors
22. Restore a Deleted Logical Volume
23. Describe Storage Area Networks and Network Attached Storage
24. Use Distributed File Services
25. Move and Split NSS Volumes
26. Implement Pool Snapshot
27. Implement Versioning
28. Implement RAID 0 with NSS
29. Configure Partition Mirroring and Duplexing in NSS
30. Implement iSCSI
31. Describe the Purpose of DirXML
32. Describe How DirXML Works
33. Implement the Micro Focus eDirectory Driver for DirXML
34. Describe How Nterprise Branch Office Works
35. Plan a Branch Office Deployment
36. Configure the Central Office Server
37. Initialize and Configure the Branch Office Appliance

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Test #050-691: CNE
Test #050-891: CNI

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.

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