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ZENworks 7 for Desktop Management

Course 3062 test objectives


test objectives

  1. Describe the New Features of ZENworks 7 Desktop Management
  2. Implement Micro Focus eDirectory Design Guidelines for ZENworks
  3. Install ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Back End Services
  4. Evaluate ZENworks Desktop Management Access Methods
  5. Install ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Middle Tier Services
  6. Install the ZENworks Desktop Management Agent
  7. Describe Policy Management
  8. Describe Policy Packages
  9. Describe and Configure Search Policies
  10. Describe How Policies Work
  11. Describe Effective Policies
  12. Describe Policy Package Copy and Policy Reporting
  13. Create and Associate a Server Package
  14. Describe the Purpose of Each Server Package Policy
  15. Plan Server Package Deployment
  16. Describe Automatic Workstation Import (AWI)
  17. Implement Automatic Workstation Import (AWI)
  18. Describe Automatic Workstation Removal (AWR)
  19. Implement Automatic Workstation Removal (AWR)
  20. Create and Associate a User Policy Package
  21. Enable and Configure User Package Policies
  22. Identify Common Configurations Set Through User Policies
  23. Plan User Policy Package Deployment
  24. Create and Associate a Workstation Policy Package
  25. Enable and Configure Workstation Package Policies
  26. Describe How Application Management Works
  27. Identify Application Management Tasks
  28. Describe Application Launcher Components
  29. Configure Application Launcher
  30. Distribute a Scripted Installation
  31. Re-package Applications With ZENworks snAppShot
  32. Package Software with ZENworks Software Packaging
  33. Repackage Applications with the AdminStudio Repackaging Wizard
  34. Customize Application Installation with AdminStudio Tuner
  35. Distribute MSI Based Applications with ZENworks
  36. Convert AOT/AXT Packages to MSI Packages Using AdminStudio
  37. Decide Which Type of Distribution to Use
  38. Identify Application Object Configuration Options
  39. Automate the Distribution of Applications
  40. Repair and Uninstall Applications
  41. Describe Terminal Server and Web Applications
  42. Distribute Applications to Disconnected Workstations
  43. Configure Reporting for Application Events
  44. Implement Rogue Process Management
  45. Implement Load Balancing
  46. Implement Fault Tolerance
  47. Implement Application Site List
  48. Implement Remote Alternate Applications
  49. Describe Optimization Tips for Application Management
  50. Describe the Role and Function of Personality Migration Services
  51. Configure Remote Management
  52. Perform Remote Management Tasks
  53. Describe Workstation Imaging Components
  54. Describe Common Imaging Deployment Strategies
  55. Prepare the ZENworks Imaging Server
  56. Prepare Workstations for Imaging
  57. Create and Restore Images
  58. Configure Imaging Policies
  59. Describe the Role and Function of Remote Management
  60. Configure Remote Management
  61. Perform Remote Management Tasks
  62. Describe the Role and Function of Workstation Inventory
  63. Configure Workstation Inventory
  64. Run Inventory Reports
  65. Describe the Role and Function of Asset Inventory
  66. Install a Standalone Deployment of ZENworks Asset Management
  67. Perform Basic Inventory Tasks With ZENworks Asset Management
  68. Evaluate the Software Compliance and Usage Components of ZENworks Asset Management (ZAM)

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Authorized training kits contain the material from which test objectives and test questions are taken. They are the best resources for test preparation.

Test #050-694: standard test (qualifies toward CNE certification)
Test #050-894: instructor test (qualifies toward Novell Certified Instructors)

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.

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