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Micro Focus eDirectory Design and Implementation: Micro Focus eDirectory 8.8 (Course 3067)

Test 050-695 objectives


Test objectives

  1. Describe the Purpose and Function of a Directory
  2. Identify Features New to Micro Focus eDirectory 8.8
  3. Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Tree Design Project Roles
  4. Identify the Major Phases of the Micro Focus eDirectory Design Cycle
  5. Perform a Needs Analysis
  6. Identify Fundamental Directory Design Factors
  7. Create an Micro Focus eDirectory Naming Standards Document
  8. Design the Upper Layers of the Micro Focus eDirectory Tree
  9. Design the Lower Layers of the Micro Focus eDirectory Tree
  10. Build the EduTrain Tree
  11. Create a User Accessibilities Needs Document
  12. Create an Accessibility Guidelines Document
  13. Create an Administrative Strategies Document
  14. Understand Micro Focus eDirectory Partitioning and Replication
  15. Plan, Design, and Implement a Partition and Replica Strategy
  16. Design and Implement an SLP Strategy
  17. Design and Implement a Time Synchronization Strategy
  18. Validate Your Micro Focus eDirectory Design
  19. Migrate Data Between LDAP Servers

Test registration:

Authorized training kits contain the material from which test objectives and test questions are taken. They are the best resources for test preparation.

Test #050-695: standard test (qualifies toward CNE certification)
Test #050-895: instructor test (qualifies toward Novell Certified Instructors)

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.

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